ENVO Flex Overland Folding Electric Bike

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Engineered in Canada, the Flex Overland is a sturdy off-roading and cargo fat tire eBike with foldable aluminum unisex and unisize step-thru design and dual battery option. The proprietary rear hub delivers the up to 1000W power, allowing you to climb the sharpest of hills and carry your cargo effortlessly.


  • Hydro- formed aluminum alloy frame suitable for people from 4’11’’all the way to 6 5” rider.
  • ENVO Drive Geared Hub, 20,00Km maintenance-free 1000W, 100NM Torque Motor
  • 48V/17AH LG/Panasonic Lithium battery
  • Up to 100-200km range depending on battery options
  • Up to 32km/r top speed depending on conditions
  • F/R alloy hydraulic disc brakes, with alloy electric brake lever , Rotor 180
  • LCD Display with speedometer, odometer, pedal-assist indicator, etc.
  • 8 speed drive-train
  • Front headlight and rear taillight (functions as brake light)
  • Rear-mount kickstand
  • Front and rear carrier racks
  • 3rd Party Accessories: Golf Club, Surf/Paddleboard Carrier, Dog Carrier, Child Seats
  • 150lbs rated Rear Rack

Quick Specs

Total Weight: 70lbs/32kg
Max Payload: 400 lbs.


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ENVO DRIVE SYSTEMS INC is an engineering R&D and market research company which focuses on affordable solutions for clean transportation and electric drive systems.

ENVO makes technologically advanced, yet affordable ebikes. Our mission is to create an environmentally-sustainable product for our highly-satisfied customers, designed to replace cars on the road.

Well-engineered and reliable, we offer a wide range of ebikes to fit any customer’s needs.

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